Maximum Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Maximum Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions2019-08-26T17:28:24+10:00

Project Description

This specialised volume technique originated in Russia and has spread all over the world. Russian volume eyelash extensions are specially engineered to be the lightest and most slender fibres yet, able to create a super-full lash look while placing barely any weight on the natural lashes. Our volume sets wrap their handmade fans around your natural lashes for the ultimate bond – these lashes are usually our most long-lasting sets. At Lady Lash, our technicians have perfected the Russian volume technique to create handmade lash fans completely customised to you and your needs.

Our maximum volume set is the thickest, fullest lash set available at Lady Lash, with as many as six lashes delicately gathered into every fan. Creating an intensely dark sweep of lashes, the maximum volume covers every natural lash – this set, therefore, is suited best to those with naturally stronger lashes that are able to hold the dense fans.

Please note: If you’re new to eyelash extensions, we’d recommend booking first for the slightly smaller medium volume set for your first appointment, otherwise the natural volume set. This gives our technicians the chance to assess your natural lashes and make sure that maximum volume would work for you!

Further Reading for those who want to transition from Classic Lashes to Volume Lashes.


Max Volume Eyelash Extensions Before & After

Maximum Set of Volume Eyelash ExtensionsMaximum Volume Set of Eyelash Extensions at Lady Lash

Max Volume Eyelash Extensions Prices

Maximum Volume

  • (3 Hours)
  • Up to 600 lashes per eye

FAQ’s about Max Volume Eyelash Extensions

What is the difference between silk, mink and flat/cashmere eyelash extensions?2019-08-13T03:04:43+10:00

One of the questions we’re asked regularly about eyelash extensions is about the difference between silk and mink eyelash extensions. Having used these materials for years, we’re very familiar with the features of each material and why you might choose one over the other. You don’t have to worry about choosing which material at your appointment – your lash stylist will be more than happy to assess your lashes and recommend a material for you. All of our lashes are vegan and cruelty-free!

Here’s a little rundown on each type:

Silk eyelash extensions: A man-made fibre with a matte/natural black finish. We use silk lashes in all of our volume sets because due to their texture as they fan out better than faux-mink.

Faux-mink lash extensions: At Lady Lash, we’re against animal cruelty, which is why we do not and never will use real mink fur for lash extensions. Not only this, real mink will not hold it’s curl once wet. We use faux-mink man-made fibres designed to imitate real mink fur. They are very glossy and black in colour and slightly finer.

Flat eyelash extensions: These are a relatively new innovation in lashes – with flat lashes, the cross section of the extension is flatter or more oval in shape than traditional eyelash extensions. This means they provide a thicker, more made-up look without any extra weight (each fibre appears wider, but doesn’t weigh more than a regular extension). Flat lashes are better for those who like a glamourous, darker look. Flat just refers to the cross section of the lash fibre, not the curl. They come in all the same curl types as other lashes.

Can I swim/shower/ get my eyelash extensions wet?2019-09-04T04:26:08+10:00