At Lady Lash, we always like to keep on top of the latest trends in beauty–you name it, one of our technicians has looked into it! We’ve noticed lately that there has been a lot of misinformation around beauty blogs concerning extensions and micellar water, with this miracle product being named as the top way to safely remove eye makeup from your lash extensions. Yes, micellar water is a great way to take off your makeup– BUT some formulations actually do contain oils, so it’s best to do your research first. Micelles are attracted to oil and other substances on the face, pulling them gently out of the skin–this is why they do work so well on makeup, but also do a great job of removing extensions. Beware especially those micellar products which promise easy removal for waterproof makeup, as this usually means that their formulas incorporate an oil to dissolve more stubborn foundations and liquid eyeliners.

Oils are the number one enemy of lash extensions, as they wreak havoc on the glue which bonds your extension to your natural lashes. If you sweep an oil-filled cotton pad or washcloth over the extensions, some of them may come off straightaway–and the remaining extensions will be weakened, leading to poor retention over time. For peace of mind, we recommend really checking the ingredients list and avoiding using micellar water around the eye area, giving your lashes the best chance of lasting as long as possible! Or even better, we stock a fantastic oil-free makeup remover at Lady Lash which is safe to use with lash extensions