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Project Description

Keratin Lash Lift

This innovative, non-damaging treatment lifts and curls the natural lashes whilst infusing them with keratin and biotin for strength. The lift normally lasts 6-8 weeks, sometimes up to 10 – this depends on your skin type. As your lash cycle progresses, the lift grows out/drops gradually over a couple of months.
Lady Lash’s lash lift is the perfect low maintenance pick-me-up – infills are not required, as only your natural lashes are used. It’s best paired with a tint for extra darkness, as your lashes will appear even longer!

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Please note that prices vary between our Newtown/Parramatta and Gosford (Central Coast) locations.


Lash Lift Before & After

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Lash Lift Prices

Lash Lift + Tint

  • Keratin Lash Lift with Tinting service

Lash Lift

  • Keratin Lash Lift treatment

FAQ’s about Lash Lift

Can I have a lash lift when i’m pregnant?2019-12-05T16:00:59+10:00
As per the manufacturer guidelines, we suggest not during the first trimester. Lash lifting is a very low-risk procedure, though it has not been tested thoroughly during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Beyond 13 weeks, lash lifting is absolutely fine! The solution has been tested and proven to be fine during pregnancy – though the only consideration is that during pregnancy, hormones often alter your hair structure and this can cause potential issues with lash lifting. We have many pregnant lash lift clients, though it’s important that you let your stylist know you’re expecting so we can alter processing times in consideration of this.
What can happen if I have a lash lift when i’m on hormone-altering medicine?2019-12-05T16:00:06+10:00
Firstly, we must point out that the contraceptive pill will not alter your hormones enough to cause adverse effects on the a lash lift, so please disregard this info if you’re on the pill – lash lifting is fine! The hormone-altering medicine we’re talking about above is specifically Thyroid medicine, Roaccutane/ skin medicine and similar.
As all hairs are hugely effected by hormone changes in the body, so are your lashes! When a client is taking hormone medicine listed above, it very often will cause inconsistent results in the lash lift. It’s impossible to how the medicine will affect the lash, and more often than not it will mean lashes either do not lift at all, or can become over-processed even by using the manufacturers guideline timings for processing.  For this reason we do strongly suggest avoiding a lash lift during this kind of treatment, as we can’t guarantee you’ll get a good result (and we always want to see good results!) though an excellent option if you’re under