Helping your lash extensions to last longer!

We all want our lash extensions to be as full and glamorous as they are when we first walk out of the salon. It’s such a great feeling to show off your beautiful lashes to everyone, so how do we make sure they last as long as possible? It might surprise you how many factors are operating behind the scenes of your treatment and how they affect the length of time you can hold on to that luscious lash look. Here’s a handy little guide to the conditions that impact your extensions, and some tips on how to keep them looking great!

It all starts in the salon. It’s ideal to come in without any makeup on your eyes, or to clean it off thoroughly just before your appointment—that way, you have the most time and the best surface for our technicians to work with. Our experienced ladies are dedicated to finding the best lash look for everyone that comes through our doors! They love chatting about all things lashes, and are more than happy to create a look tailored to your particular eye. Our technicians are highly trained, and always assess your natural lashes to see which extensions will bond perfectly—just as everyone’s skin type is different, we have different lash types as well! It’s always a good idea to listen to the advice of your technician on which lash suits you, as some natural lashes are simply too slender or brittle to sustain that thick glamorous look. As a rule, the finer and shorter lashes are the real workhorses, and tend to last longer than extra-long Kardashian lashes. These lashes look fantastic, and your technician can play with curls and styles to make sure that your eyes really pop!

Another rule of thumb is that the more lashes you apply, the longer they will last for—simple, really. Glam sets give you about 50 more lashes per eye than lite sets, so for a look that lasts bring on the lashes! There’s nothing stopping you from starting out small and infilling with a larger set, and our technicians are always on hand with advice!

For the first 24 hours after your appointment, our glue is still working hard to bond the extensions to your natural lashes, so you can help by making sure that you don’t splash your face with water or oils in that time. Try to avoid sweating up a storm with your workouts, and wash your face with a washcloth instead of in the shower. Once the first day is up, you’re free to swim and gym to your hearts content! Gently cleaning your lashes with some fresh water after going to the beach or pool is an easy way to maintain them. If you do swim often or use the sauna or spa, it’s likely that you may need an infill slightly earlier as repeated soaking/exposure to steam does eventually affect the bonding of your lash extensions.

When it comes to makeup, most people choose to ditch the mascara as their lashes are already perfection! In fact, mascara can damage and clump extensions (absolutely not what you want!) and it will make it extremely difficult to infill the lashes (unless you have done an absolutely stellar job of removing the mascara and residues). If you feel naked without it, Lady Lash does stock a specially formulated mascara called Max 2 which works well with extensions, but our lash stylists will strive to make sure you’re totally happy with our lashes as they are!

Nothing looks better with lashes than a smoky eye or crisp winged liner, but once the day is up it’s a good idea to remove the makeup around your extensions. Using waterproof or gel eyeliner is no good at all for extensions, as you often have to rub to remove it properly—a felt top liquid liner, or an oil-free pencil is kindest for your lashes and still looks great! A cotton tip soaked in oil-free makeup remover is a great little tool to get those stubborn liners off, by gently working over the area, away from the lashes (not down onto them). Brushing your lashes before you go to bed and when you wake up is a wonderful way to detangle and maintain them—putting your pink brush (that you receive at your first booking) next to your bedroom mirror keeps you in the habit! If you have a very oily complexion, this may affect the glue adhesion period – so try to keep skin oils off your lashes by not using moisturiser or foundation on the eye lids, cleansing regularly with a foaming lash shampoo, and wiping your eyelids very gently daily to remove excess oil buildup

If you’re following all these great lash tips, your lashes should stay healthy and luscious, exactly how we want them!