Nobody who has walked out of Lady Lash with incredible fluttery extensions can doubt that lash technicians are artists–the way a highly trained tech can completely transform your face is nothing short of magic! To create a gorgeous lash look takes time, experience and patience–but did you know it also depends on the natural lashes of each client? Just like we all have different lengths, curls and textures in our hair, our eyelashes are different too. And to make matters even more hairy (pardon the pun) your natural lashes may not be the same type of hair as that on your head–just because you have luscious, curly locks doesn’t mean that your natural lashes will match. The strength and length of your lashes often changes with the seasons and as you get older, so it’s always a great idea to take care of those precious peepers!
Many of our technicians at Lady Lash spend years working with all sorts of wonderful models to make sure they can work their magic on every lash, but occasionally some exciting challenges walk into the salon. This means that sometimes it is not possible to have extensions quite as full and Kardashian-like as we may dream of, but our expert ladies will always do their best with the natural lashes they are working with–and the beautiful results might surprise you!
First of all, the canvas that your lash technician is given should be healthy and clean–the least any artist should expect of their muse. This means that ideally you should be cleansing your lash extensions (and natural lashes!) every few days with an approved lash shampoo to make sure that no makeup, gunk or grime builds up around them. By coming into the salon with squeaky clean lashes, your technician can start the process straightaway and might even be able to pop on more extensions–sounds perfect, right?
Once you have gorgeous freshly-cleansed lashes, the technician will do an honest assessment of your natural lashes and how they will work with extensions. The main factors that affect any extension application are exactly what you’d expect–the ideal lash for extensions is strong, long, thick and with a gentle curl. However, it is rare to see natural lashes exactly like that, and we love nothing more than a challenge! We often have some lovely older clients whose lashes are a little weaker than they used to be, and love to see them come out of their appointments with natural, lighter extensions. If you are a little older, we would recommend beginning with a lite set of about 50-55 lashes, which will define your eyes without compromising your lash health. One of our very favourite clients first came to our salon with the most amazing short, curled lashes our technicians have ever seen–extremely curly, wild natural lashes are an extra test for any lash technician, and we had a great time treating her to shorter, subtly curled lashes which would bond strongly to her lashes and transform her eyes!

Any relationship with a technician should be based on honesty and trust. Your lash lady should always let you know if your natural lashes are thinner, weaker or very straight/curled and apply extensions that will keep them safe.
If you do come into the salon with very weak lashes, heavy and thick extensions are the opposite of safe. Imagine going to the gym for the first time and trying to lift the biggest weights you can find–you’d be a bit worried about how your muscles would cope, right? It is exactly the same with your lashes. Natural lashes which are brittle and small simply cannot handle extra-long, thick extensions, which will only damage the lashes by weighing them down. Your technician should always advise you exactly which lengths, curls and thicknesses will suit you.
You are always in safe hands at Lady Lash–we have over two hundred different lash types at Lady Lash, and spend every day customising these to enhance hundreds of gorgeous eyes. You don’t always have to stay with one lash look for your entire journey either–we are always happy to collaborate with our clients if they want something different, and love giving advice. There are also many clever tricks we can use to open your eyes up and create the illusion of thicker lashes–one of our personal favourites is applying a dramatically curled but shorter lash to really make the eyes pop!
If your lashes are in need of a little boost, there are always lash serums. Our technicians swear by Eyenvy in particular, which has been scientifically engineered to stimulate your lash growth whilst strengthening those lashes you already have–a perfect companion for extensions! If your lashes would benefit from Eyenvy, we are always happy to advise and show you how to use this amazing product.
Never fear if your natural lashes are on the thinner side and you’re after something very full, as there are techniques which can help your technician achieve gorgeous thickness. A Russian technique is our number-one go-to in these cases, as the super-light, fanned extensions bond strongly to smaller, thin lashes and really pump up your look–there is no coincidence that they are called Russian Volume lashes! These lashes are specially manufactured to be the most featherweight products available, and really minimise any strain on your natural lashes while maximising your impact. Your technician will always be happy to advise you on whether the volume or classic lash extensions will be the best technique to create that special lash magic, and this can be the start of a beautiful friendshi