Kylie and Kendall Jenner have hit the beauty industry like a glittery hurricane, their luscious selfie-filled lifestyle creating new beauty goals for a generation. Kylie especially has built a multimillion dollar career on creating big and beautiful features–big lips, big eyes, big lashes–and her makeup products have allowed her fans to try her look out for themselves. However, her thick lashes so far have not appeared as part of the Kylie range. 

Many girls have asked us whether Kylie’s doe-eyed look can be imitated with eyelash extensions–this answer is a little more complicated than it appears, so let us break it down!

The first thing to remember about King Kylie is that her lashes are most likely NOT extensions, or if they are extensions they’ve certainly had a bit of sneaky help! These super-thick, super-long eyelashes are almost certainly a combination of extensions and false strip lashes, which are placed on the lash line by her personal makeup artist.

Our technicians would never recommend this technique, as placing strip lashes over extensions clogs the bases with glue and makes the lashes incredibly clumpy. Additionally, repeatedly placing heavy extensions weakens your natural lashes, and may result in strained and damaged natural lashes–an extension nightmare! At Lady Lash we take pride in matching the right extension to your natural lash, as lash health is always our first priority.

Don’t despair, however! Our technicians have trained for many years to style their clients’ lashes, and are perfectly happy to work with you to find a set and a look which is perfect for YOU. Every face and eye is different, and the best lash extensions are customised to suit every individual client’s desires whilst being safe for their lashes. We are happy to create a staggered, messy lash set which is close to the Kardashian/Jenner look, and will always let you know what would be best for the health of your natural lashes.