Project Description

Natural Russian Volume Extensions this specialised volume technique originated in Russia and has spread all over the world. Russian volume eyelash extensions are specially engineered to be the lightest and most slender fibres yet, able to create a super-full lash look while placing barely any weight on the natural lashes. Our volume sets wrap their handmade fans around your natural lashes for the ultimate bond – these lashes are usually our most long-lasting sets. At Lady Lash, our technicians have perfected the Russian volume technique to create handmade lash fans completely customised to you and your needs – whether it’s for work, day wear or stepping out for the evening.

As its name suggests, this volume set is the most natural of our Russian volume eyelash extensions; think fans (2-3 lashes per fan) delicately placed along your lash line for a full but soft look.

Please note: if you’re looking for a very full, dark look, we’d recommend selecting medium volume lashes.

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Natural Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Before & After

Natural Volume set of eyelash extensionsNatural Volume Set of Eyelash Extensions after image

Natural Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions Prices