Project Description

Also known as half sets, lite set of eyelash extensions are the most subtle/natural lashes that we offer at Lady Lash. In a lite set, we apply only 50-60 lashes per eye – this usually means that around half of the available natural lashes will be covered. They are perfect for those wanting eyelash extensions on a budget, or if you’re after a super-subtle, ‘barely-there’ look for everyday wear. We can also concentrate the lite set of eyelash extensions on the outer corners of your eye, graduating the lash lengths to create a natural cat-eye/almond style/wing set.

Please note: If you’re looking for a darker lash line or a more defined look, the lite set is not the best choice for you. We would recommend checking out larger sets!


Lite Set Eyelash Extension Before & After

Lite set of eyelash extensions before image