In all our years of doing eyelash extensions at Lady Lash – Sydney Eyelash Extensions, we’ve never seen an eye that we couldn’t dress up with lash extensions. In short – applied correctly, in a customized way, they suit just about everyone!

Everyone’s eyes, however, are completely unique in terms of their size, shape, depth and colour – so it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to applying eyelash extensions. Lashes that suit a 19 year old party girl with dark colouring will probably be quite different to those that suit a conservative lady in her mid 50’s with a fair complexion. This is why every set of lash extensions we do is completely customized to the wearer. In fact, at Lady Lash we have 9 different lengths, 3 types of curvature, as well as various thicknesses, colours and materials (pure synthetics or silk) to choose from – meaning that there are literally hundreds of different looks and combinations possible. All new clients receive a full consultation to help choose their lashes; here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your lash look!

Types of eyelash extensions

• Generally, the thicker/longer your own lashes, the thicker and longer extension that can be applied. Very thin/sparse natural lashes should have a finer, shorter extension so as not to weigh them down. Curled lashes are great for creating volume without too much weight

• Those with straighter lashes (particular Asian hair types) should opt for a curled lash, as it will really make the eyes pop and lift up the natural lash line, rather than dragging it down.

• Those with rounder/larger eyes benefit from our ‘cat-eye’ look – applying more/longer lashes to the outer corner of the eyes. This elongates the eyes for a very sexy look!

• Almond shaped eyes don’t often suit the cat-eye look, but look beautiful with a longer lash extensions applied to the middle of the eye, to widen it.

• Those with deep set eyes usually require longer extensions with not as much curl, and often benefit from having a full set rather than glam set, as glam sets on smaller or deep-set eyes can look over-done.

• Our glam sets are the most stunning looking lash extensions, and are incredibly popular with brides as well as girls going on holidays and wanting a long-lasting look (normally you get an extra week between infills with a glam set).

• Those with large eyes, dark thick hair and/or lots of natural lashes are recommended to go with the glamour set, as more lashes are applied, which will result in a fuller and longer lasting look. Hey – if you’ve got it, flaunt it, I say!

• Mature ladies wishing to lengthen their lashes but still look natural may opt for a finer extension type in a shorter length, or even our silk extensions which are soft and lightweight

• Semi-sets are great for those who already have long dark lashes but are looking for something to add a bit of sparkle and flair out the corners.

• Coloured highlights are great for the adventurous, but can be quite subtle too – violet and navy highlights are very popular, and colours can be selected to compliment your iris colour.

• Shorter. finer full set lashes are most suitable for guys (yes we do ‘Guylashes!’) trying our extensions and not wanting the effect to be too obvious)

At Lady Lash, our aim is to create lashes that look naturally beautiful – as you were just blessed with amazing, long healthy lashes! However we create according to your requirement – so if you’ve got something entirely different in mind, we can accommodate! You will be given a full consultation prior to your first set, to ensure that you absolutely love your new lashes. If you’d like some more inspiration, have a look through our photo gallery to see how different types of eyelash extensions look on different eye shapes.

Types of eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions – Mink

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