It’s no surprise that the shape of our eyes is a huge influencer on our styling choices. Just like dressing for your particular body type, styling your eyes properly brings out your best features and is a great confidence boost. Beauty bloggers and Pinterest fans have been producing content on eye shapes and makeup forever, and most of us have spent endless amounts of time, makeup brushes in hand, trying out different eyeshadow techniques for our specific eye shape. Choosing to play up your eyes or tone them down can often make or break a beauty look-and it’s the same with eyelash extension styling!

The possibilities for styling eyelash extensions are endless–from the basic cat eye to the ever-popular doll eye, each style is customised minutely to your particular eye. Over the past decade, our stylists at Lady Lash have designed a Holy Grail of four main styles which suit the widest variety of eye shapes. Our favourite four styles are (drumroll!) the natural eye, doll eye, cat eye and staggered eye–and all of these are achievable in any lash set!

The number-one rule for in beauty and fashion has got to be do what’s best for you and love your own shape. But first, we need to find it–and don’t worry, you don’t have to troupe into Sephora or ask your mum what shape she thinks your eye is. Four simple questions are all you need to determine your eye shape, and find the right extension style for you.

To find your eye shape, get a mirror. Ready?

–Do you have a crease?

If your answer is no, you have a monolid shape. If you do have a crease, read on.

–When a line is drawn through the middle of your eyes, are the corners of your eyes above or below the line?

If they fall above this line, you have upturned eyes. If they fall below this line, your eyes are downturned. If they’re in the middle, time for another question!

–So we know you have a crease. Can you see your crease, if facing the mirror straight on?

If you can’t, your eyes are hooded. If you can, move on to the next question.

–Do you see the whites of your eyes around the iris when your eyes are in resting mode?

If you can see the white of your eyes at all time, you have round eyes! If not, your eyes are almond-shaped.

It’s honestly that easy! Now that you’re all updated on the shape of your eyes, we can match them with some lashes that are perfect for you. Of course, at Lady Lash we love to experiment–if there is a particular shape that you’ve been dying to try, we will give it a shot! For the best possible match, however, here is a handy guide.

Doll eye shape: this style  involves shorter lashes placed on the inner and outer corners, whilst longer lashes are placed along the middle of the eye. This is a great style for monolid, hooded and almond eyes, as it creates a flattering opened-up look and freshens up the face.

Cat eye shape: a lash classic, cat eye style features shorter lengths gradually lengthening to long lashes on the corner of the eyes–this mimics the shape of winged liner! Perfect for those with round eyes, the cat balances out the eye shape and creates a sultry look. Upturned or downturned eyes may want to look elsewhere, however; the cat eye can make these eye shapes look smaller and unflattering.