Here’s a glorious photo collage of lashes that WERE NOT, I repeat NOT done by lady lash, however all belong to people requesting “just an infill” from us. Hmmm.

Please, please, please don’t come to us expecting/demanding infills on prior extension work that is, well, absolute rubbish, like those lashes pictured above.

Obviously we want to help you, and give you gorgeous, properly separated beautiful long lashes – but let’s be very clear here – adding more extensions onto something like these photos is NOT going to work. It’s not the solution, however luckily we do have one!

If you have had lashes done elsewhere, unless they are 100% good quality (i.e no excess glue, not all stuck together, not strip or cluster lashes masquerading as eyelash extensions, not so long and thick they are twisting and causing damage) then we will not, absolutely will not be able to infill them. What we will do, if offer an removal, where we use a gentle method to dissolve glue and take off the bad extensions gently, and book you back in for a new set, hopefully on the same day or another day if there isn’t time.

Infilling work like this not only further damages your lashes, it damages our reputation – as this is NOT what our work looks like, and we can’t do good work over the top of something like this – hell, sometimes we can’t even get in between the lashes if they are all soldered together in a concretey mass!

We’re definitely not claiming that we are the only ones who can do lashes well – there are lots of lash good technicians who do wonderful clean work, which are just a joy to infill, and I am sure they will agree with my thoughts on this. Unfortunately though, there are plenty of untrained, inexperienced lash techs (20 minute full set anyone!? ????) who just don’t seem to know how to do it properly, and maybe are just not that interested in repeat business. An interesting statistic – 89% of our clients are repeat clients. We are genuinely interested in building long-term relationships with our clients, and taking good care of important things like lash health is part of this.

If you’re thinking of trying us, but not sure if your pre-existing extensions are ok to be infilled, give us a call – we are always happy to chat and even offer free consultations if you want to pop in for us to take a look at what you’re hoping to have infilled, and discuss options, before you book an appointment.