Ah, infills. That special time where, every few weeks, you can rest and relax whilst your stylist perks up those luscious lashes. But how many weeks should you be waiting in between your appointments at Lady Lash? This is one of the biggest questions that we get asked, and there is usually a simple way to find what works best for you.

The lovely client above has less than 30% of her lash extensions left, which means that a new set will need to be applied. We can tell from the photo that she has taken good care of her lashes, but they have grown out over time. Now, she simply does not have enough extensions remaining on her eye for an effective infill. It’s easy maths–if you have around 10% of a glamour set (90-100 lashes per eye), then you will only have about nine or ten lash extensions clinging to your lashes! Your lash stylist will then be applying 80-90 shiny new extensions in the style you prefer, which takes a lot more time and artistry than a normal infill involves.

Our approach to infills at Lady Lash revolves around two factors–how many lashes have shed, and how many weeks it has been since your last appointment. As a rule, the more time passes, the more lashes you will lose (simple, right?). This is because of that pesky lash cycle, which causes your natural lashes to shed and new baby lashes to take their place. Your natural lashes are determined little things, and they will keep on growing no matter what! All of us have slightly varied lash cycles, which you can track after a couple of infill appointments–some lucky ladies can retain their lashes well after four weeks, whilst others need to come in every two weeks to keep their extensions looking fresh. If you’re not sure about your own cycle, try seeing the same lash stylist for around three infills–they can keep an eye on your personal progress, and recommend a time period based around your individual lash growth.

Lash education means a lot to us at Lady Lash–we always want you to know what’s going on with your lashes and how to get the best out of them. Caring for your lashes is the easiest way to ensure that you can stretch your infills out as long as possible, and it’s so simple to incorporate into your beauty routine. Thoroughly cleansing your lashes around four times a week, removing your makeup with an oil-free remover and avoiding mascara are the three best habits to adopt to make those extensions last.

The set of lashes that you choose may also affect how often you come in for infills. A bigger set with more lashes tends to go further than a very natural set–this way, you have more lashes to lose. If you’re looking for longevity in your lashes, a glamour or volume set is usually the best choice–and you can rest easy knowing that you look fabulous for longer!

Once you hit the four-week mark, you may still be pleased with your lashes when you check in the mirror–but often they have grown to the extent that they are teetering on the edge of shedding. Your lash stylist is trained to see exactly how much the lash extension has grown out, and she will know when it is time to take an overgrown extension off. Take the photo above, for example–this is what your lash stylist may be looking at after four and a half weeks’ worth of growth. Can you see how the natural lash has sprouted under the base of the extension? This is perfectly natural, and just means that a new extension can be applied to the strong growing lash. The remaining extension is thanked for its service and removed to make way for a brand new extension.

This is what a classic set of lashes should look like at around four to five weeks after your initial appointment–but if your lashes seem to be very sparse after only a few days, there may be an underlying issue. Just give our friendly receptionists a call or text and we can troubleshoot for you; often there is a super-simple fix to get those extensions looking beautiful again.

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