Want beautiful brows that don’t wash off? Cosmetic tattoo and microblade is becoming more and more popular these days, with new techniques meaning that you can tailor your brows like never before. So – what is the difference between cosmetic tattoo and microblade eyebrows, and how do we get our mitts on some stunning brows? And most importantly – does it hurt?

We sat down with Monika, one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic tattooist/microblade artist, to find out how we can raise our brow game.

Q: So, Monika, what makes a beautiful set of eyebrows?

A: The secret to a good brow is to make sure it’s tailored to your face, and only yours. Everyone has a slightly different muscle and bone structure, which means that there is literally no brow that is the same. My clients want their brows tattooed for so many different reasons – some have over-plucked, some have scarring or are losing their hair, some just want a bit more definition…it’s so great that cosmetic tattoo is an option that people can get real and lasting results.

When I’m working, I’m looking at creating more symmetry and youth in the face and brows – it’s amazing what can be achieved by a few little tweaks to an eyebrow’s shape or length!

To create the perfect brow, I normally use the Phibrows Golden Ratio method – basically, I measure your facial angles using a specific formula to build the arch and find the most flattering points to begin and end the brow. This means that your brows are completely customised to your face, to enhance your beauty and give you a more youthful look.

What are microblade eyebrows

Q: What’s the process of cosmetic tattoo like?

A: There are three different methods that I like to use, depending on my client’s skin type and the look that they’re wanting for their brows. Once we’ve had our consultation and I’ve sketched a shape that we’re both happy with, the real fun starts!

The process works best when the client is lying down comfortably. I use either a handheld tool (for microblading) or a nice quiet machine (for powderfill) to outline each brow, then fill them in with strokes. Depending on the client, the whole process, including consultation, measuring and drawing, and the actual treatment, takes 2-2.5 hours – some clients like to pop in some headphones or some even like to chat! After the brows are filled in, I wipe some pigment solution over the brows so that the colour can settle in. And voila! Most people are done before they know it.

One thing I always tell my clients is that the first treatment is like the first half of constructing your new brow. It will still look fabulous, and by tracking the healing we can see if anything needs correcting. The retouch appoin