With the warmer weather already upon us, and the forecast for a very hot summer (yay!) I thought it would be a good time to run over a few tips for caring for your eyelash extensions in hot weather. They do need a little more TLC in hot weather to make sure they last a long time!

  1.  Don’t get your eyelash extensions wet/hot and sweaty in the first 24 hours of having them applied (i.e. if it’s a super hot day, avoid the gym for that day). In humid weather they really need the full 24 hours to bond properly
  2.  Be careful of oily residue – as oil is the natural enemy of eyelash extensions. Use an oil-free sunscreen, and avoid the spray-on kinds on your face. If you have very oily skin, consider using a matifying lotion/blotting papers to reduce the oil that comes into contact with your lashes.
  3.  When swimming in chlorinated water, gently rinse your lashes off afterwards with tap water. Don’t let the chlorine dry on them – it can eat away at the glue and make your lashes very messy!
  4.  Hair grows faster in warmer weather – and so do your eyelashes! You may need to have your infills done a little more frequently if your lashes are growing fast, to keep them neat and tidy.
  5.  Consider using a coating sealant to protect them. We stock Max2 Coating sealant in clear and now also in black, which is a great product in terms of helping your lashes last the distance. It’s a silicone-based product that is brushed on and protects the adhesive bond against oil and water. You can buy it at our store in Newtown.