Lash Lifting

The Lowdown on Lash Lifting


There are so many choices these days for lash lovers–it’s now possible eyelashes bigger and better than ever before. At Lady Lash we think that it should be as easy as possible to find the best treatment for you, so we’ve come up with a [...]

The Lowdown on Lash Lifting2019-04-05T13:13:52+10:00

Lash Lifting–welcome to the future natural lash enhancement!


At Lady Lash, we’re all about enhancing the natural beauty of our clients. Whether it’s lashes or brows, bringing out the best in your face and giving you that confidence is what makes our job so worthwhile. This is why we’ve decided to add another [...]

Lash Lifting–welcome to the future natural lash enhancement!2019-04-05T13:16:04+10:00
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