Lady Lash! is thrilled to have had beauty blogger and makeup artist Stephanie Lange as our guest to try both our Classic and Russian Volume lashes.

Stephanie Lange Eyelash Extension Experience

Stephanie Lange Eyelash Extension Experience

Stephanie Lange, a lover of animals, rock music and all that is art and beauty, is a professional makeup artist and beauty guru based in Sydney. Stephanie runs a successful YouTube channel, blog and various social media pages (check her out!) that aim to show you guys the best of her beauty tips and tricks in the easiest, friendliest way possible! It’s like having a BFF waiting to give the best beauty in advice at the palm of your hand!

In her video below Stephanie Lange shows us the difference between Classic and Russian Volume lashes. Classic lashes are where 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash. These lashes are suited to people who already have a lot of natural lashes and are looking to add length. Classic lashes tend to look more natural.

Whereas Russian Volume lashes are multiple, thinner extensions applied to 1 natural lash. For example, when two lash extensions are applied to 1 natural lash it is called 2D, will extensions is 3D etc. all the way up to 8D! Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier and can give a fuller look compared to Classic lashes. These lashes are suited to people who do not have many natural lashes, sparse lashes, or bald spots, or people who simply want a more dramatic look without using a thicker extension.

But don’t be afraid! Volume lashes are nothing like cluster lashes! Cluster lashes are when a bunch of extensions are glued to a chunk of your natural lashes, causing sometimes-permanent damage to your natural lashes. Volume lashes are lighter than Classic lashes with 1 3D Volume fan weighing less than 1 classic lash. Less glue is also used during the Volume application, leaving your eyelids feeling even lighter than before! All you get is beautiful, fluffy and dramatic Volume for longer weeks on end.

Check out Stephanie Lange’s video for more details about her Classic and Volume lash experiences with us, and a close look at how they turned out!


Stephanie Lange’s YouTube and social media channels (including Instagram, @stephanielangemakeup, and Twitter, @stephilangeMUA)