In our busy world, a few moments of rest are worth their weight in gold. A few hours away from work, babies and stress every couple of weeks is key to self care, and should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. At Lady Lash, our clients always tell us how glad they are to step through our doors into a place where they can enjoy quiet conversation, gentle music and even a sneaky nap–and best of all, wake up with beautiful lashes and brows!

We love to create an atmosphere that every client can enjoy, so we’ve come up with a few tips to make your eyelash extension experience as relaxing as possible.

Silence that phone

We always request that our clients turn off their phones or pop them on silent for the duration of their appointment. Of course, we understand that life does not stop when you’re in the salon, but loud ringtones and long calls can disturb other clients trying to squeeze in some quiet time.

Additionally, a lot of people can twitch their eyes during an animated conversation on the phone, which makes it a mammoth task for the stylist trying to give you a beautiful set of lashes. If you are expecting a call, just let us know!

Take off your eye makeup

All of our salons have a pretty basin stocked up with products for you to remove your eye makeup before your appointment, making it so easy to go straight in and get down to lashing. Mascara and heavy eyeliner need to be taken off with an oil-free remover before any extensions can be applied, as eyelash extension extensions will not bond properly if any makeup product is still clinging to the natural lashes. If you know that you will need a little time at the basin, leaving home a few minutes early is a great idea–this way, you can be makeup free and ready to begin!

Leave the littles behind

Anyone who has brought their bubs to Lady Lash before knows how much we love them–every technician always wants to say hello! However, it is difficult to relax properly with young children in the salon, as your eyes must be closed throughout the procedure. If you can, we strongly recommend leaving your younger children with a babysitter, as we cannot supervise children properly in a busy salon atmosphere. Of course, life happens–just alert our receptionist if you are bringing along a little one, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Save the coffee for afterwards

All of our salons are located near some great coffee shops (ask your stylist for recommendations, these places are our meccas!), and it can be tempting to grab a takeaway just before your appointment. Did you know that caffeine, as a stimulant, makes your eyes extremely active and fluttery? This means that it is extra difficult for your stylist to apply lashes, as well as for you to lie still and enjoy the experience. Try ditching the pre-appointment coffee just once, and you’ll be able to tell the difference–plus, your barista will get to see you with some stunning lashes!

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