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Cosmetic Tattoo / Microblade in Newtown & now GOSFORD!


Want brows that don't wash off? We have two qualified and experienced BROWGAME cosmetic tattooists working in our Newtown location - and we are now offering this service at Gosford also, with Meae! Newtown pricing with Monika and Charlotte is currently $640, however prices will increase as of the [...]

Cosmetic Tattoo / Microblade in Newtown & now GOSFORD!2019-05-08T13:08:00+10:00

The Joy of ‘Guylashes’ at Lady Lash


Looking at our name, you might be surprised to hear how many male or male-identifying clients we have at Lady Lash wanting Guylashes! Lash and brow treatments are becoming more and more popular for men in the last few years, as society becomes more educated [...]

The Joy of ‘Guylashes’ at Lady Lash2019-05-11T11:34:41+10:00

Eyenvy lash serum now available in all salons!


Looking for beautifully conditioned natural lashes? We’re thrilled to announce that Lady Lash Newtown, Parramatta and Gosford have joined the exclusive Eyenvy stockists list! Over the past six months, Lady Lash has done some heavy-duty research into the best eyelash serums available in Australia – [...]

Eyenvy lash serum now available in all salons!2019-04-10T12:35:04+10:00

What are microblade eyebrows? Q and A with Monika, lead tattoo artist


Want beautiful brows that don’t wash off? Cosmetic tattoo and microblade is becoming more and more popular these days, with new techniques meaning that you can tailor your brows like never before. So – what is the difference between cosmetic tattoo and microblade eyebrows, and [...]

What are microblade eyebrows? Q and A with Monika, lead tattoo artist2019-04-05T13:04:32+10:00

Lady Lash Stylists Triumph in International Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition


Lady Lash Australia is thrilled to announce that two of our lash stylists have won prizes in the LIVE finals of the Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition. The second inaugural competition was held at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo on the 30th July, attracting [...]

Lady Lash Stylists Triumph in International Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition2019-04-05T13:06:10+10:00

How to prepare for your first eyelash extensions


So you’ve finally bitten the bullet and booked an appointment with Lady Lash for your first eyelash extensions. Hooray! Your life is about to get a whole lot easier-no more messing about with mascara in the mornings or worrying about your makeup on the go! [...]

How to prepare for your first eyelash extensions2019-03-28T14:36:38+10:00

Lash extensions and oil-based products


Eyelash extensions and oil-the facts Lash extensions and oil are a tricky mix. From cleansers to balms, moisturisers to serums, oil-based beauty products are absolutely everywhere these days. If you’re a lash addict, this is a hard trend to negotiate-on the one hand, oil products [...]

Lash extensions and oil-based products2019-05-03T09:27:08+10:00

A MOTHER of a Makeover-Julie’s transformation


Ready for A MOTHER of a Makeover? Meet Julie, the amazing winner of our Mother’s Day competition–and check out the difference a bit of pampering can make! Five of Newtown’s best beauty businesses, Dolce Vita Beaute, A Loft Story, Jen Bazzi Makeup, Lady Lash and [...]

A MOTHER of a Makeover-Julie’s transformation2019-04-05T13:03:00+10:00

Naturally defined–Introducing Henna Brows!


At Lady Lash we stay at the forefront of brow technology, so you can be sure your brows are the best they can be. We’re proud to introduce our newest service, Henna Brows, a natural, long-lasting alternative to ordinary tints. Henna is a plant-derived, vegan [...]

Naturally defined–Introducing Henna Brows!2019-04-05T13:08:16+10:00

Meet Bree


Didn’t recognise that voice on the Lady Lash phone lately? The reception team at Lady Lash has a new addition, who you may have met at our Newtown salon. The lovely Bree hails from northern NSW and loves all things beauty. […]

Meet Bree2019-04-05T13:09:28+10:00

Eyelash Extensions Sydney Style


Who hasn’t heard of eyelash extensions in Sydney these days? Fast becoming one of the most in-demand beauty treatments, lashes are a wonderful way to frame your face and make those eyes pop! From those extra fluttery Kimmy K lashes to the delicate, natural look [...]

Eyelash Extensions Sydney Style2019-04-05T13:09:44+10:00

Why are eyebrows so important and what are the options for perfect brows?


Complete brow makeover, henna brows and microblade/cosmetic tattoo options for eyebrows Eyebrows are one of the most popular trends in beauty and there’s a good reason why. When done properly, eyebrows can make your face look symmetrical and add definition to your features. Full, naturally shaped, well [...]

Why are eyebrows so important and what are the options for perfect brows?2019-04-05T13:10:22+10:00

Lash Competition Model Search – April 2018


Later this year (May and June) we will be updating our portfolio and creating competition sets  – so we are on the lookout for models willing to give up a few hours in exchange for absolutely jaw-dropping (and completely free) lashes, applied by our most [...]

Lash Competition Model Search – April 20182019-04-05T13:11:01+10:00

Why are my eyelashes falling out faster than normal? All about the autumn lash shed


The advent of autumn means a lot of lovely things are happening. The air is crisp, the leaves start to fall and we can finally bring our our fuzzy bed socks! Seasonal changes, like the transition between summer and autumn weather, can also have an [...]

Why are my eyelashes falling out faster than normal? All about the autumn lash shed2019-04-05T13:11:46+10:00

This is NOT an infill


Ah, infills. That special time where, every few weeks, you can rest and relax whilst your stylist perks up those luscious lashes. But how many weeks should you be waiting in between your appointments at Lady Lash? This is one of the biggest questions that [...]

This is NOT an infill2019-04-10T12:40:44+10:00

The Lowdown on Lash Lifting


There are so many choices these days for lash lovers–it’s now possible eyelashes bigger and better than ever before. At Lady Lash we think that it should be as easy as possible to find the best treatment for you, so we’ve come up with a [...]

The Lowdown on Lash Lifting2019-04-05T13:13:52+10:00

Gold (and Bronze) for Lady Lash! Australian and New Zealand Lash Championships Winners


The team of lash stylists behind Lady Lash have done it again, placing in four different categories for this year’s Australian and NZ Lash Championships. Competing against hundreds of technicians throughout Australia and New Zealand, Lady Lash came out with two 1st Place and two 3rd Places [...]

Gold (and Bronze) for Lady Lash! Australian and New Zealand Lash Championships Winners2019-04-10T12:44:42+10:00

Introducing Damselfly Candles


There’s a new candle craze starting this December at Lady Lash! We have finally gotten our hands on the coveted Damselfly candles brand, and we’re ready to bring these ultra-cool candles into your life! Each individually hand-poured soy candle comes in its own special spun-glass [...]

Introducing Damselfly Candles2019-04-05T13:14:30+10:00

Christmas Lashes


It’s time to start jingling those bells–the holiday season is upon us! December is the craziest month for most of us, with millions of parties to attend and the whole family descending on the house. However, you’ve never seen crazy like the Lady Lash salons [...]

Christmas Lashes2019-04-05T13:14:46+10:00

Eyelash extensions for wedding day


I DO…want beautiful lashes! Eyelash extensions for wedding day Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. A celebration of love with your closest friends and family in a beautiful location…it’s hard to think of an occasion more [...]

Eyelash extensions for wedding day2019-04-05T13:15:23+10:00
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