Lady Lash Australia is thrilled to announce that two of our lash stylists have won prizes in the LIVE finals of the Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition. The second inaugural competition was held at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo on the 30th July, attracting many talented entrants from Australia and New Zealand.

Last year, Lady Lash placed highly with a 2nd and 3rd prize in the volume category. This year, they fielded a stylist in all categories, with Ayumi, Chrystal and Monika packing their bags for Brisbane. Ayumi triumphed in the classic lashes section, winning first place in the Classic Expert finals with Monika placing third in the Classic Student category. Chrystal created a gorgeous set of volume lashes, holding her own in the Volume Expert category against stylists with decades of experience.

The finalists were selected through a photo submission process, where each stylist sourced their own model and designed a completely customised, technically perfect lash look. The stylists spent many hours working to ensure that their lash application was faultless and precise, as well as photographing the model to highlight their skills. The process was overseen by the salon’s creative director, Charlotte Creasey, who was very pleased with the dedication shown by her finalists.

‘From our experiences last year, we know that the competition in Brisbane is fierce-which is why we were delighted to be selected again! Each of our finalists put in so much time and effort, and we are so proud of them all.’

Presented by LashJoy and managed by Brisbane Lashes, the Pro Series was judged by the industry’s finest from all over the world. Lash luminaries including Joy Crossingham, Melanie Cossin, Renee Gurney of Lash and Brow Professional, Katya Espinoza of Brisbane Lashes, Kimberley Haworth of Lash Vision, Miranda Tarpey of UK Lash Institute, Otto Mitter, Mariko Matsumoto and Ellie Malmin came together to judge the live work in each category. Strict examination of lash techniques including attachment, styling, symmetry, lash coverage and proper weight and length selection determined the winners. Ayumi and Monika were both presented with certificates, an extensive gift pack courtesy of Brisbane Lashes and a ticket to the upcoming Lash Vision conference.

Lady Lash is becoming a formidable name in the competitive lashing scene. This latest prize follows 2017’s Pro Series success, as well as two first- and two third-placings in the 2017 Australian and New Zealand Lash Championships. Charlotte was delighted by the entire experience of the Pro Series, and loved meeting the upcoming talents in the Australian lash industry (as well as catching up with old friends!).

‘Lash competitions are so important in this industry, as they bring so many great stylists together and allow us to learn from one another,’ she says. ‘Thanks so much to Joy Crossingham and Brisbane Lashes for putting together another exciting lash competition. Getting out of the salon and connecting with our peers makes us all better lash artists-I can’t wait for next year!’