Hybrid Lashes At Lady Lash. We know that beauty decisions can sometimes be the toughest ones–so why not have both? Over the past few months our stylists have experimented with your favourite lashes to create the hybrid set, a gorgeous blend of individual extensions and handmade fans customised to your natural lashes.

Specially designed to frame your eyes beautifully with added texture, the hybrid set combines the best aspects of classic and volume lash application. During your appointment, your stylist will apply individual lashes to each eye, then bring the drama with flawlessly fluffy fans scattered amongst your natural lashes. This creates a soft, staggered look with a slightly textured aspect, so you can look like you just rolled out of bed with perfect lashes. Not as neat and precise as our typical classic or volume sets, the hybrid set is a great choice for those looking for more of a sultry style. This also is a wonderful set if you are looking to try volume lashes but are unsure about committing to the fan life–the combination of volume fans and individual lashes means a slightly shorter appointment than most volume bookings, without sacrificing much of the luscious effect.

The Kardashians have helped pioneer the hybrid lash look, with their staggered, messy style inspiring lash stylists to become more experimental in their techniques. Hybrid lashes have become so popular in the United States that some refer to them as American Volume sets–a lash fashion straight out of Hollywood! Easy to style for the evening or wear as a statement for the everyday, the hybrid set is making its way to runways and Instagram pages worldwide. We are proud to have designed our own custom hybrid service which is already becoming very popular – we think it’s going to be our new signature set!

The Jenner Dilemma

Bold than the classic sets, but without the fluffy, perfect smooth line of the traditional Russian Volume Set, the hybrid set could be your new best friend.

We will have two different Hybrid Sets, regular and MAX Hybrid. Regular Hybrid will be suitable for most eye types, however if you have large eyes/lots of lashes, usually have glam sets or medium/maximum volume lashes, the MAX Hybrid Set will probably be a better option, as more lashes (approximately 30% more) are applied.

Hybrid Lashes | Sydney Eyelash Extensions | Lady Lash Australia

Hybrids will be priced at $200 for standard set or $230 for Maximum Hybrid and are available from April in our Newtown, Parramatta and Gosford eyelash extension salons.