We’ve been having some great feedback lately about just how long our new Russian Volume Lashes are lasting!

So we thought we’d update you on how the new volume lashes are going, how long do volume lashes last, and what is the difference between volume russian lashes and regular eyelash extensions.

Superfine and light-weight, we apply literally hundreds of these lashes to create a volume set. The natural lashes are meticulously separated, and 2-4 (or even 5) super fine extension fibres are applied. 3 of the fibres actually weigh less that 1 single classic lash extension (in the medium thickness of 0.15).

This photo is of a 2D set 5 WEEKS after initial application! The client has quite sparse lashes naturally, but they are growing thicker and stronger by wearing these light lashes as opposed to thicker classic lashes.

2D set 5 WEEKS after initial application!

2D set 5 WEEKS after initial application!

Lots of our clients who have sparser natural lashes or who like a really full volume look but don’t have the natural lash density for our ‘glamour’ sets are choosing this option. We’re hearing that clients are loving that they don’t have to come in for maintenance quite as frequently.