Eyelash Extensions

FAQs about Eyelash Extension Treatments

Can you rub your eyes with eyelash extensions?


If you're wearing eyelash extensions, avoid rubbing your eyes whenever possible. When you rub your eye, the friction can cause your lashes to twist out of place - in some cases they can be ripped out by a stray fingernail or knuckle! If your eyes are itchy or dry, keep moisturising [...]

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Can you sleep in fake eyelashes?


No beauty blogger would recommend sleeping in stick-on falsies, as the thick strip lash tends to irritate the delicate skin around your eyelids. Eyelash extensions, however, are made to be slept in! Each lash extension is delicate and flexible, bonded to your natural lash just a few millimetres above (NEVER [...]

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Does castor oil work for lashes?


Castor oil contains fatty acids that have been reported to help with lash growth - the oil nourishes your natural lashes and hydrates the skin around your eyes. As you may have guessed, however, castor oil is one of those unfortunate oil products that attacks the glue bonding your eyelash [...]

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Do eyelash extensions work on straight lashes?


The short answer: absolutely! The long answer:  Eyelash extensions are customised to each client's natural lashes - we apply tailored extensions to straight lashes, naturally curly lashes and everything in between. Each technician at Lady Lash uses their years of experience to match your natural lashes to the right extension [...]

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Do eyelash extensions work on blonde lashes?


Lash extensions are great for those with naturally pale lashes - though our lash extension fibres are a dark black, they are very fine and blend well with your natural lashes. If you have an occasion coming up, or if you've booked in for one of our more natural sets, [...]

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Are the materials you use safe and good quality?


Yes – the eyelash extension adhesive we use is almost completely fume-free, approved for cosmetic use and safe for your eyes. It is also very long lasting. The eyelash extensions we use at Lady Lash are the highest quality available, with the lengths and thicknesses specially customized to suit you! [...]

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What are Russian volume lashes?


Russian volume lashes are currently the most popular technique amongst master lash artists - hailing from Russia, the phenomenon has spread worldwide! This technique involves 3-8 lightweight extensions, which are applied in a fan shape to each natural lash. The Russian volume technique creates an intensely voluminous lash set with [...]

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