Brow / Wax and Tints

FAQ about Brow Wax and Tinting

Can I get an eyelash tint first?


Yes you can - please book it in advance though to allow sufficient time. Please don't get it done in a salon prior UNLESS you request that they do not, under any circumstances use vaseline or oily makeup removers as this can affect the bonding. We have adjusted our tinting [...]

Can I get an eyelash tint first?2019-08-26T13:41:44+10:00

Can I choose how dark my brows are?


Yes – we have a variety of shades for the palest of blondes, to the darkest brunettes/raven haired. We also offer henna brows if you're looking for a long-lasting dark brow stain. Please be aware that lighter shades/tint that’s not left on for very long do not last as long [...]

Can I choose how dark my brows are?2019-07-06T20:24:07+10:00

Is brow waxing safe for sensitive skin?


We have a full list of contraindications here. We use sensitive wax, however there are some skin types/various medications which are not so compatible with this service. Please contact us to discuss your options for sensitive skin.

Is brow waxing safe for sensitive skin?2019-08-26T13:59:19+10:00

Do you do tinting / brow shaping for men?


Yes, absolutely! Our brow stylists are very experienced in creating a natural yet neatly groomed brow for gentlemen. Lash and Brow tints are also surprisingly popular with men with paler/blonde to light brown features wanting to 'awaken' their face. All of our treatments can be modified so it looks as [...]

Do you do tinting / brow shaping for men?2019-08-26T13:47:15+10:00

Is lash tinting safe?


Yes, however we highly recommend a patch test prior, particularly if you are sensitive to dyes or tints. If you have had a previous allergic reaction to dye or tint, we would not recommend proceeding.

Is lash tinting safe?2019-08-26T13:27:52+10:00

Can I get my lashes lifted after tinting them?


Lash lifting will usually strip out any existing tint - so we recommend tinting afterwards. If they are already tinted, it's all ok, but we will need to tint them at the end of the lift procedure if you wish them to remain dark/tinted.

Can I get my lashes lifted after tinting them?2019-08-26T13:42:38+10:00