Please have a look at our complete aftercare here for tips on what might be the cause. If you are experiencing any issues in the first 3 days after your appointment, please contact us and we will do whatever we can do assist you.

We generally find the most common cause of lash shedding is oily product use and being rough with cleansing – so try to cleanse gently but thoroughly.

How long lashes will last varies individually – someone with dryer skin, wearing less makeup but a fuller set of lashes/more extensions will usually get a lot longer out of the extensions than someone with oily skin, using lots of eye makeup, and only wearing a lite set. Hormonal changes, particularly peri-menopause and the onset of menopause, certain medications (thyroid, roaccutane/accutane) can sometimes cause lashes to not last as well as normal.

Please don’t think that is is normal/good for lashes to last 8 weeks. It isn’t – if you’ve had lashes elsewhere, and haven’t lost many/any lashes by this point, it’s not a good sign – it means that your lashes are probably all fused together and therefore unable to keep growing and fall out/replace themselves. They need to fall out gradually in order to grow and remain healthy! Normal is 2.5-3 weeks between infills, outliers with good retention will get 4-5 weeks, and some people need them every 2 weeks.