Russian volume lashes are currently the most popular technique amongst master lash artists – hailing from Russia, the phenomenon has spread worldwide! This technique involves 3-8 lightweight extensions, which are applied in a fan shape to each natural lash. The Russian volume technique creates an intensely voluminous lash set with a soft, fluffy look. Because the fibres used are so incredibly fine, they tend to last longer than classic eyelash extensions.

Volume lashes are really wonderful for those with naturally fine or sparse lashes because you can have a much thicker look without the extra weight. Our highly talented lash stylists hand-make all our volume fans during the application for better retention and a softer feeling.

Please be careful of unqualified operators that use flare/cluster lashes advertised as ‘volume lashes’. Flare lashes are not individual eyelash extensions or volume lashes and are not meant to be applied using permanent glue. The results are usually disastrous.