In most cases, yes – but if you have had particularly bad extensions done somewhere else (cheap overseas salons are a big offender – the glue will look shiny and like concrete…) we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove the lashes or apply new ones immediately. It depends on what state your natural lashes are in under the extensions. If there is an awful lot of glue and lashes fused together, it can take our stylists some time to remove the extensions gently and safely. If the removal process takes a long time and the natural lashes are in a damaged condition, we recommend that you allow some weeks for your natural lashes to recover before booking in for more eyelash extensions. If the bad extensions have irritated or infected your eyes/eyelids Lady Lash reserves the right not to perform the procedure, and may refer you to initially seek medical advice. Your health and safety is the most important thing to us.