The short answer: approximately six to eight weeks.

The long (better!) answer: The longevity of your lash lift depends on two factors: your aftercare and your natural lash cycle. For the lash lift to set properly, you must keep your lashes completely dry for twenty-four hours after your appointment – this will make sure that your lashes lash as long as possible! After this, you can maintain your lift by avoiding oily products and regularly brushing your lashes upwards.

Everyone’s lash regrowth cycle is a little different, with some lash lifts growing out in as little as four weeks and some lasting for the full eight. You can usually get a sense of your lash cycle after a couple of lash lift appointments, and finetune the time period works best for you. Coming in too early for your second lift may risk damaging your natural lashes – so it’s best to contact our reception on 0420 634 904 if you’re unsure. At Lady Lash, we recommend waiting ten to twelve weeks before re-booking a lash lift, to maintain a healthy, fabulous lash look.