Deposits at Lady Lash

Appointments of two hours or more (including all new volume and hybrid sets) require a deposit of $100 to confirm. This deposit will come off the total price of the appointment on the day. Deposits are transferable up to 24 hours before the appointment. If a cancellation occurs on the day of your appointment, this deposit will be voided and kept by Lady Lash. If you would like to rebook a volume or hybrid set after a late cancellation, a new deposit will be required. Volume and hybrid sets cannot be held for more than a day without a deposit.

Can I have a lash lift when i’m pregnant?2019-12-05T16:00:59+10:00
As per the manufacturer guidelines, we suggest not during the first trimester. Lash lifting is a very low-risk procedure, though it has not been tested thoroughly during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Beyond 13 weeks, lash lifting is absolutely fine! The solution has been tested and proven to be fine during pregnancy – though the only consideration is that during pregnancy, hormones often alter your hair structure and this can cause potential issues with lash lifting. We have many pregnant lash lift clients, though it’s important that you let your stylist know you’re expecting so we can alter processing times in consideration of this.
What can happen if I have a lash lift when i’m on hormone-altering medicine?2019-12-05T16:00:06+10:00
Firstly, we must point out that the contraceptive pill will not alter your hormones enough to cause adverse effects on the a lash lift, so please disregard this info if you’re on the pill – lash lifting is fine! The hormone-altering medicine we’re talking about above is specifically Thyroid medicine, Roaccutane/ skin medicine and similar.
As all hairs are hugely effected by hormone changes in the body, so are your lashes! When a client is taking hormone medicine listed above, it very often will cause inconsistent results in the lash lift. It’s impossible to how the medicine will affect the lash, and more often than not it will mean lashes either do not lift at all, or can become over-processed even by using the manufacturers guideline timings for processing.  For this reason we do strongly suggest avoiding a lash lift during this kind of treatment, as we can’t guarantee you’ll get a good result (and we always want to see good results!) though an excellent option if you’re undergoing hormone treatment is a lite set of lashes, or even simply a lash tint.
Can you rub your eyes with eyelash extensions?2019-07-08T14:57:37+10:00
If you’re wearing eyelash extensions, avoid rubbing your eyes whenever possible. When you rub your eye, the friction can cause your lashes to twist out of place – in some cases they can be ripped out by a stray fingernail or knuckle! If your eyes are itchy or dry, keep moisturising eye-drops on hand and try your best not to rub. This can get tough for those with hayfever or seasonal allergies, but we promise that healthy, glamorous lashes are worth it!
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Can you sleep in fake eyelashes?2019-07-08T14:54:46+10:00

No beauty blogger would recommend sleeping in stick-on falsies, as the thick strip lash tends to irritate the delicate skin around your eyelids. Eyelash extensions, however, are made to be slept in! Each lash extension is delicate and flexible, bonded to your natural lash just a few millimetres above (NEVER touching!) the skin. This means that you’ll feel comfortable and confident to snooze the night away in your extensions, and wake up feeling and looking refreshed. That said, be careful with sleeping face-down – your lashes can rub against the pillow and shed more quickly as a result. Sleeping on silk pillowcases can be a great solution for face-sleepers, with the natural material lessening any friction – plus, silk has great anti-frizz benefits for your hair!

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Eyelash Extension Aftercare

How to look after eyelash extensions

Does castor oil work for lashes?2019-07-08T14:52:12+10:00

Castor oil contains fatty acids that have been reported to help with lash growth – the oil nourishes your natural lashes and hydrates the skin around your eyes. As you may have guessed, however, castor oil is one of those unfortunate oil products that attacks the glue bonding your eyelash extensions and causes lifted lashes to drop. If you’re planning to use castor oil on your lashes, its best to try it when you’re having a break from all other lash treatments. If you’re not loving your natural lashes, there are plenty of other solutions out there – and many of them can be worn with lash extensions and lash lifts! Our favourite is Eyenvy, one of the most effective lash serums on the market. Our lash stylists swear by Eyenvy for maximising the strength of your natural lashes and recommend it for all long-term lash lovers.

Do eyelash extensions work on straight lashes?2019-07-08T14:49:44+10:00

The short answer: absolutely!

The long answer:  Eyelash extensions are customised to each client’s natural lashes – we apply tailored extensions to straight lashes, naturally curly lashes and everything in between. Each technician at Lady Lash uses their years of experience to match your natural lashes to the right extension length, thickness and curl to create a look that you love. If your lashes are naturally pin-straight, the best approach would be to apply a more natural and gentle curl – this ensures that the flatter surface of your natural lashes bonds strongly to the matching extension. Those blessed with long, straight lashes might also love the lash lift  – this clever treatment lifts your natural lashes for a wide-eyed, fresh look that lasts six to eight weeks!
Do eyelash extensions work on blonde lashes?2019-07-08T14:46:09+10:00
Lash extensions are great for those with naturally pale lashes – though our lash extension fibres are a dark black, they are very fine and blend well with your natural lashes. If you have an occasion coming up, or if you’ve booked in for one of our more natural sets, you can get your natural lashes tinted before your appointment for extra definition. Make sure you book in with us for your lash tint, as our technicians avoid any oil-based tint products that might interfere with your extensions.
NOTE: though we can tint your natural lashes before a new set of lashes, we don’t recommend having a tint if you’re already wearing extensions e.g. before an infill appointment. Tints tend to soak the extensions, which may cause the glue bond to break down.
Are the materials you use safe and good quality?2019-08-14T00:02:26+10:00

Yes – the eyelash extension adhesive we use is almost completely fume-free, approved for cosmetic use and safe for your eyes. It is al