Deposits at Lady Lash

Appointments of two hours or more (including all new volume and hybrid sets) require a deposit of $100 to confirm. This deposit will come off the total price of the appointment on the day. Deposits are transferable up to 24 hours before the appointment. If a cancellation occurs on the day of your appointment, this deposit will be voided and kept by Lady Lash. If you would like to rebook a volume or hybrid set after a late cancellation, a new deposit will be required. Volume and hybrid sets cannot be held for more than a day without a deposit.

Can you rub your eyes with eyelash extensions?2019-07-08T14:57:37+10:00
If you’re wearing eyelash extensions, avoid rubbing your eyes whenever possible. When you rub your eye, the friction can cause your lashes to twist out of place – in some cases they can be ripped out by a stray fingernail or knuckle! If your eyes are itchy or dry, keep moisturising eye-drops on hand and try your best not to rub. This can get tough for those with hayfever or seasonal allergies, but we promise that healthy, glamorous lashes are worth it!
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Can you sleep in fake eyelashes?2019-07-08T14:54:46+10:00

No beauty blogger would recommend sleeping in stick-on falsies, as the thick strip lash tends to irritate the delicate skin around your eyelids. Eyelash extensions, however, are made to be slept in! Each lash extension is delicate and flexible, bonded to your natural lash just a few millimetres above (NEVER touching!) the skin. This means that you’ll feel comfortable and confident to snooze the night away in your extensions, and wake up feeling and looking refreshed. That said, be careful with sleeping face-down – your lashes can rub against the pillow and shed more quickly as a result. Sleeping on silk pillowcases can be a great solution for face-sleepers, with the natural material lessening any friction – plus, silk has great anti-frizz benefits for your hair!

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Eyelash Extension Aftercare

How to look after eyelash extensions

Does castor oil work for lashes?2019-07-08T14:52:12+10:00

Castor oil contains fatty acids that have been reported to help with lash growth – the oil nourishes your natural lashes and hydrates the skin around your eyes. As you may have guessed, however, castor oil is one of those unfortunate oil products that attacks the glue bonding your eyelash extensions and causes lifted lashes to drop. If you’re planning to use castor oil on your lashes, its best to try it when you’re having a break from all other lash treatments. If you’re not loving your natural lashes, there are plenty of other solutions out there – and many of them can be worn with lash extensions and lash lifts! Our favourite is Eyenvy, one of the most effective lash serums on the market. Our lash stylists swear by Eyenvy for maximising the strength of your natural lashes and recommend it for all long-term lash lovers.

Do eyelash extensions work on straight lashes?2019-07-08T14:49:44+10:00

The short answer: absolutely!

The long answer:  Eyelash extensions are customised to each client’s natural lashes – we apply tailored extensions to straight lashes, naturally curly lashes and everything in between. Each technician at Lady Lash uses their years of experience to match your natural lashes to the right extension length, thickness and curl to create a look that you love. If your lashes are naturally pin-straight, the best approach would be to apply a more natural and gentle curl – this ensures that the flatter surface of your natural lashes bonds strongly to the matching extension. Those blessed with long, straight lashes might also love the lash lift  – this clever treatment lifts your natural lashes for a wide-eyed, fresh look that lasts six to eight weeks!
Do eyelash extensions work on blonde lashes?2019-07-08T14:46:09+10:00
Lash extensions are great for those with naturally pale lashes – though our lash extension fibres are a dark black, they are very fine and blend well with your natural lashes. If you have an occasion coming up, or if you’ve booked in for one of our more natural sets, you can get your natural lashes tinted before your appointment for extra definition. Make sure you book in with us for your lash tint, as our technicians avoid any oil-based tint products that might interfere with your extensions.
NOTE: though we can tint your natural lashes before a new set of lashes, we don’t recommend having a tint if you’re already wearing extensions e.g. before an infill appointment. Tints tend to soak the extensions, which may cause the glue bond to break down.
Are the materials you use safe and good quality?2019-08-14T00:02:26+10:00

Yes – the eyelash extension adhesive we use is almost completely fume-free, approved for cosmetic use and safe for your eyes. It is also very long lasting. The eyelash extensions we use at Lady Lash are the highest quality available, with the lengths and thicknesses specially customized to suit you! All equipment is thoroughly disinfected before each use. We use masks for hygiene and practice thorough hand-washing and sanitiser between clients.

What are Russian volume lashes?2019-08-14T00:02:22+10:00

Russian volume lashes are currently the most popular technique amongst master lash artists – hailing from Russia, the phenomenon has spread worldwide! This technique involves 3-8 lightweight extensions, which are applied in a fan shape to each natural lash. The Russian volume technique creates an intensely voluminous lash set with a soft, fluffy look. Because the fibres used are so incredibly fine, they tend to last longer than classic eyelash extensions.

Volume lashes are really wonderful for those with naturally fine or sparse lashes because you can have a much thicker look without the extra weight. Our highly talented lash stylists hand-make all our volume fans during the application for better retention and a softer feeling.

Please be careful of unqualified operators that use flare/cluster lashes advertised as ‘volume lashes’. Flare lashes are not individual eyelash extensions or volume lashes and are not meant to be applied using permanent glue. The results are usually disastrous.

What is the difference between silk, mink and flat/cashmere eyelash extensions?2019-08-13T03:04:43+10:00

One of the questions we’re asked regularly about eyelash extensions is about the difference between silk and mink eyelash extensions. Having used these materials for years, we’re very familiar with the features of each material and why you might choose one over the other. You don’t have to worry about choosing which material at your appointment – your lash stylist will be more than happy to assess your lashes and recommend a material for you. All of our lashes are vegan and cruelty-free!

Here’s a little rundown on each type:

Silk eyelash extensions: A man-made fibre with a matte/natural black finish. We use silk lashes in all of our volume sets because due to their texture as they fan out better than faux-mink.

Faux-mink lash extensions: At Lady Lash, we’re against animal cruelty, which is why we do not and never will use real mink fur for lash extensions. Not only this, real mink will not hold it’s curl once wet. We use faux-mink man-made fibres designed to imitate real mink fur. They are very glossy and black in colour and slightly finer.

Flat eyelash extensions: These are a relatively new innovation in lashes – with flat lashes, the cross section of the extension is flatter or more oval in shape than traditional eyelash extensions. This means they provide a thicker, more made-up look without any extra weight (each fibre appears wider, but doesn’t weigh more than a regular extension). Flat lashes are better for those who like a glamourous, darker look. Flat just refers to the cross section of the lash fibre, not the curl. They come in all the same curl types as other lashes.

Can I swim/shower/ get my eyelash extensions wet?2019-09-04T04:26:08+10:00

Yes. This is one of our favourite things about eyelash extensions – you can have pretty eyes when you wake up, straight out of the shower, and even out of the pool! If you’re swimming in water that is chlorinated or salty, splash your extensions with fresh water afterwards or cleanse them with our LashGame Foaming Cleanser. Avoid detergents, oily soaps and eye-rubbing and your lashes should last well. Try to pat them dry gently.

I’ve had bad extensions applied somewhere else and would like them removed and some new ones put on – is this possible?2019-08-26T14:01:52+10:00

In most cases, yes – but if you have had particularly bad extensions done somewhere else (cheap overseas salons are a big offender – the glue will look shiny and like concrete…) we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove the lashes or apply new ones immediately. It depends on what state your natural lashes are in under the extensions. If there is an awful lot of glue and lashes fused together, it can take our stylists some time to remove the extensions gently and safely. If the removal process takes a long time and the natural lashes are in a damaged condition, we recommend that you allow some weeks for your natural lashes to recover before booking in for more eyelash extensions. If the bad extensions have irritated or infected your eyes/eyelids Lady Lash reserves the right not to perform the procedure, and may refer you to initially seek medical advice. Your health and safety is the most important thing to us.

I identify as male. Can I have eyelash extensions too?2019-08-26T13:57:35+10:00

Absolutely. We actually have many male clients – you’d probably be surprised! Some are wanting a completely undetectable look that just brightens up their eyes a bit whilst others wear them loud and proud. Everyone can enjoy eyelash extensions for refreshed and beautiful-looking eyes. We customize the eyelash extensions to suit your face and personality, and can do a very subtle set for any gentlemen wishing to try out eyelash extensions in a discrete way – though you may find you want them more dramatic once you get used to them!

See here for some examples of our treatments on males.

How experienced are your technicians/lash stylists?2019-07-06T20:21:59+10:00

The vast majority of our lash and brow stylists have over 5 years experience – and many over 10. All of our lash and brow stylists are tested rigorously before they join the Lady Lash team, and have ongoing training with our salon trainer Grace who is an international champion with 18 years experience and a qualified trainer and assessor. This is to ensure that we continually uphold a very high standard in lashes and brows and are using the best and most up-to-date techniques and skills.

Do you offer eyelash extension training?2019-08-26T13:16:43+10:00

No, but we regularly host training events by Lash Game who we are closely affiliated with. They are our trainer of choice.

I am getting married – when should I get my lashes done?2019-04-05T15:54:44+10:00

We definitely recommend trialling them a few weeks before the big day, then infilling closer to the event. This is because a) you don’t want to develop a surprise allergic reaction/red eye reaction the day before your wedding – testing it out first is a good idea – and b) this allows you to trial a certain look and then adjust it before the wedding. Give us a call if you need assistance scheduling wedding bookings – if we know it’s your wedding, we will normally try to extend the appointment time a little bit (at no extra cost) as we know how important it is!

What other services do you offer?2019-08-26T15:17:50+10:00

We specialise only in the eye area – as well as lash extensions, we offer lash lifts, lash and brow tints, brow shaping and complete brow makeover, brow henna, and we work with BrowGame to additionally offer microblading and cosmetic tattoo.

Do you have packages and specials?2019-08-26T13:48:19+10:00

From time to time we do run fantastic specials and packages in our salons – please see our specials page for more details.

Can you get lash extensions after a lash lift?2019-08-26T13:44:43+10:00

It’s best that you wait 6-8 weeks so that the lashes are smooth enough to allow for correct bonding. On very lifted/kinked lashes, it can be difficult to get them to bond well/last properly.

If your lash lift is a very gentle curl or has dropped significantly, then it should be fine to proceed.

I am under 18, can I have extensions/treatments done?2019-08-26T13:54:21+10:00

Yes, but with the permission of a parent or legal guardian who will need to sign your consultation form or give us verbal permission over the phone. Under 16 and they must accompany you to the appointment. Lashes are becoming popular for formals and we do create some beautiful natural enhancements, however minors cannot sign their own consultation forms, that’s why a parent or legal guardian must attend with you.

Why are my lash extensions not lasting?2019-08-26T13:32:44+10:00

Please have a look at our complete aftercare here for tips on what might be the cause. If you are experiencing any issues in the first 3 days after your appointment, please contact us and we will do whatever we can do assist you.

We generally find the most common cause of lash shedding is oily product use and being rough with cleansing – so try to cleanse gently but thoroughly.

How long lashes will last varies individually – someone with dryer skin, wearing less makeup but a fuller set of lashes/more extensions will usually get a lot longer out of the extensions than someone with oily skin, using lots of eye makeup, and only wearing a lite set. Hormonal changes, particularly peri-menopause and the onset of menopause, certain medications (thyroid, roaccutane/accutane) can sometimes cause lashes to not last as well as normal.

Please don’t think that is is normal/good for lashes to last 8 weeks. It isn’t – if you’ve had lashes elsewhere, and haven’t lost many/any lashes by this point, it’s not a good sign – it means that your lashes are probably all fused together and therefore unable to keep growing and fall out/replace themselves. They need to fall out gradually in order to grow and remain healthy! Normal is 2.5-3 weeks between infills, outliers with good retention will get 4-5 weeks, and some people need them every 2 weeks.

My own eyelashes have been falling out with extensions attached – is this normal?2019-08-26T15:14:55+10:00

Some people don’t actually realise this, but every day, we lose anywhere from 1-5 natural lashes – much like the hairs on our head, they replace themselves as new ones grow! Usually twice a year (chance of seasons, particularly end of Summer and beginning of Spring you will notice that you lose more natural lashes than normal – this is called seasonal shedding, and you will normally find that your lashes seem to be falling out more quickly than normal – and that a lot of new baby lashes have come through at your next appointment. Don’t be too concerned – it happens to everyone a couple of times a year, and if you are worried, get in touch or talk to your lash stylist who can assess the health of your lashes at any point.

Can I get an eyelash tint first?2019-08-26T13:41:44+10:00

Yes you can – please book it in advance though to allow sufficient time. Please don’t get it done in a salon prior UNLESS you request that they do not, under any circumstances use vaseline or oily makeup removers as this can affect the bonding. We have adjusted our tinting process to not include vaseline or any oily products.

I have had my lashes done elsewhere, can you infill them?2019-07-06T20:23:08+10:00

Whilst we welcome clients wearing extensions from elsewhere and are happy to work in with other good quality lashes, we often are unable to infill lashes done elsewhere, due to issues of quality – primarily extensions being stuck together, excess glue and cluster lashes or heavy pre-made fans being advertised as volume, which sadly many places still do. However, if you are wearing good quality extensions (all properly separated from one another, no clumps or long twisted lashes) that you would like infilled, feel free to pop in and we can check your lashes to see if this is possible, or send us a clear, aerial view shot and we’ll see if we’re able to. Often we can!

Can I get a spray tan with eyelash extensions?2019-08-26T15:23:45+10:00

Yes – best to do it AFTER the extension application, not before, and only a light spray on the face.

Do you have ZipPay or AfterPay?2019-04-05T15:42:33+10:00

We are currently in the process of setting this up – stay tuned!

How do I book infills?2019-08-26T13:49:57+10:00

By SMS or calling 0420 634 904 or by emailing info@ladylash.com.au (or at your initial booking)

What do you charge for infills?2019-08-26T13:30:27+10:00

It depends greatly based on the type of set, and the time you have booked (this will be dictated by how much you have lost).

Classic infills – $70-$120

Hybrid infills – $95 – $165

Volume infills – $95 – $195

($195 is a very large, 2 hr infill on our biggest set possible)

Please note that infills are for where a minimum of 35% – one third of the lash extensions remain. If you have just a few left, please book for a new set so we have enough time to make them nice and full again!

Why can’t I book infills online?2019-08-26T15:18:30+10:00

We are working on this as we speak and once you can we will announce it loudly! – our online booking system is relatively new and we are still adjusting to it before we introduce infills online. The best way to book infills is in salon at your previous appointment (we fill up fast so not a bad idea!) or just SMS/call 0420 634 904 (all salon locations)

Can I bring my boyfriend/husband?2019-08-26T13:40:12+10:00

Sure. Book him in for his brows too and we can clear that monobrow for him whilst you’re here! Just kidding. Boyfriends//husbands/friends/companion animals are all welcome. They just may need to wait in one of our reception areas as treatment roo