Generally speaking, eyelash extensions are a safe and non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Lady Lash uses a high-quality, low-fume adhesive that is manufactured specifically for cosmetic use near the eye, and the adhesive is applied to your lash hairs rather than your skin. Allergic reactions to the adhesive are very rare and can be easily treated if they manifest. In saying this, if you are pregnant and have never had eyelash extensions before or have never been to Lady Lash and used our glue products, we strongly recommend a patch test out before your treatment. This patch test must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the booking.

Why do we need to patch test before proceeding? Firstly, the lash extension procedure requires you to lay flat on your back for over one hour; a position that is not recommended for women in the advanced stages of pregnancy. It also requires that you lie quite still – which can be hard if you’re heavily pregnant! The patch test gives you a chance to see what it’s like lying in that position for a short time, so that you can gauge how well your body will respond to a prolonged appointment Secondly, if you are unlucky enough to have an allergic reaction your doctor may not be able to give you the required treatment due to your pregnancy. So we highly recommend a patch test first before proceeding.

Please note: if we have been doing your lashes here at Lady Lash and you become pregnant, there’s no problem continuing with the extensions – just let us know so that we can make sure you are comfortable at all times! You’d already be familiar with all of our products and glue, so reactions are far less likely to manifest.