Looking for beautifully conditioned natural lashes? We’re thrilled to announce that Lady Lash Newtown, Parramatta and Gosford have joined the exclusive Eyenvy stockists list! Over the past six months, Lady Lash has done some heavy-duty research into the best eyelash serums available in Australia – and Eyenvy comes #1 every time. With its unique blend of vitamins and peptides, Eyenvy conditions your natural lashes whilst strengthening and lengthening your baby lashes as they grow.

One of the most important factors for us at Lady Lash is that all of our products work well with lash extensions, so that your lashes – both real and false – are always fabulous. Eyenvy is specially formulated to be safe to use for lash extension lovers, able to be applied every day with zero impact on lash adhesive. Our lash stylists have rigorously tested this for themselves, and are loving how well the product works with their extensions!

Available only in salons and spas, Eyenvy has produced amazing results in just 4-6 weeks with regular application. The fine-tip brush is super-simple to use – just apply the product to your upper lash line exactly like a liquid eyeliner and wait one or two minutes for the serum to dry. If you’re pairing Eyenvy with mascara, it’s best to wait a few more minutes after application until the product has fully penetrated the lash area.To get the best out of your bottle, the Eyenvy experts recommend applying the serum each morning – this way, your lacrimal glands can actively filter the serum through your lashes while the active ingredients are hard at work.

Unsure if Eyenvy would be for you?

Our lash stylists will be happy to assess your natural lashes during your next appointment and give you some advice on how our new favourite serum would work for you. You can also check out the Eyenvy website at http://www.eyenvy.com.au/index.html .

To check our stock levels and prices for Eyenvy, contact the Lady Lash admin team on 0420 634 904.

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