With the wedding season just around the corner (October is in just 6 weeks – eeeeek!) leading lash salon Lady Lash have been fielding a lot of enquiries about bridal lash extensions and lashes for special occasions. Director Charlotte Creasey says that “lash extensions are becoming a must-have for brides – we find a large proportion of our first-time clients are brides, wanting a polished glam look for their big day”

Here she answers some of the most commonly asked questions about bridal eyelash extensions:

Eyelash extensions for wedding day

Q: What’s the difference between lash extensions and the stick-on lashes a makeup artist might use?
A: The main differences are the way they are applied – and their staying power! Strip lashes/stick-on lashes are applied to the eyelid using a temporary latex-based glue, that you can easily peel off at the end of the day, whereas lash extensions are applied using a relatively permanent glue, individually to each eyelash. They fall out very gradually with your natural lashes. The advantage to this is that won’t suddenly ping off your face during your wedding vows!

Q: What if I get teary the wedding – will this ruin my lashes or make them come off?
A: Absolutely not! They are waterproof and will stay put. This is a major advantage – you can go mascara-free and not worry about panda-eyes if you get a little emotional!

Q: Can I wear makeup/have my makeup done when wearing extensions?
A: Yes, you can – we just recommend no waterproof eye make-up. Water-based makeup is fine, and we have several eyeliners that we recommend and stock, as they are very lash-friendly. Powder eyeshadow, foundations etc are all fine.

Q: I’m getting married and am thinking of getting lash extensions – is it ok to get them a couple of days before?
A: This is very much a bad idea! Like trying a brand-new hairstyle, or a new facial treatment – advance preparation is the key here! We recommend having your first set of extensions done at least 2-3 weeks before the big day, then having a top up/infill a few days prior to your wedding. The reason is two-fold – one, a test set allows you to trial the lashes and see if you want to make any changes (length, fullness, shape etc.) before the wedding, and two; if you are unlucky enough to experience a reaction or a sensitivity to the adhesive, it won’t be something that will ruin your big day! Though reactions are fairly rare, they do happen unexpectedly to a small % of the population, and we try to ensure that all of our brides have a very smooth experience!

Q: I’m going on my honeymoon directly after the wedding, so I want my lashes to last as long as possible. What do you recommend?
A: In addition to following the aftercare as strictly as possible, we would recommend going with a shorter, fuller set, and avoiding the most extreme of curls. Generally speaking, the shorter the extension, and the more we apply, the better they will last.
Extremely long lengths are not so good for your natural lashes, and if they are too long are more likely to twist and look messy.

Q: How do I ensure that I love my lashes and they complement my overall look?
A: Mention it’s for a special occasion and that you require a longer consultation beforehand – most quality lash salons would be more than happy to oblige – we always make a little extra time for our brides, to ensure the lashes are nothing but perfect! Bring a photo with you of lash extensions that you like the look of and we’ll use that as a starting point.

Q: I’ve seen lashes that look really fake and unnatural – how do I ensure mine don’t look like that for my wedding?
A: Do your research, go to a reputable specialist salon, check that they use handmade volume and not pre-made or cluster lashes (clusters should never be used for extensions) and have a look at their work online. A good lash salon will have hundreds of options and won’t take a once-size-fits all approach. The lash set should be designed specifically for you!

Q: I want a REALLY natural look for my big day, but so want something a little more than mascara – what do you recommend?
A: Classic lashes in a shorter length are perfect for this – however, we are also seeing our lash-lift and tint treatment surging in popularity – it’s very low maintenance, and if your own lashes are reasonably long, can look almost as good as extensions!


• In a recent survey of their brides/brides-to-be, Lady Lash found that the most popular/requested sets for weddings are currently ‘hybrid’ and ‘medium volume’
• The most popular style is ‘doll eye’ closely followed by ‘staggered’. (Cat eye look has dropped dramatically in popularity!)
• Lady Lash do not use real (animal fur) mink as they are against animal cruelty. All products are man-made/vegan.
• Lady Lash are multi-award-winning lash salons, specialising in lash extensions since 2009, and have locations in Newtown, Parramatta and Gosford.
• Lady Lash have hundreds of different options to choose from in terms of shape, length, thickness/density and style/shape, and currently stock over 250 lash

Further Reading on Wedding Lashes!

At Lady Lash, we love making that bridal dilemma a little bit easier with eyelash extensions. With a beautiful set of extensions, you can get away with simple makeup and wow your guests (and your significant other) with your natural beauty. And the best part is, if the tears do start flowing, you don’t have to worry about any unsightly mascara lines in your photos. We gathered together a few of our most commonly asked bridal questions, so you can check out these beauty heroes before your big day.

‘Which extensions are best for my wedding day?’

It definitely depends on you, and the look that you are trying to create for your wedding day. For those brides wanting a gorgeous natural enhancement, we’d probably recommend our classic sets–these lashes are applied 1:1 on the natural lash, so are noticeable without being too over-the-top.
If you’re a bride looking to make an impression, our volume sets may be more for you. These stunningly soft, fluffy extensions are applied in fans, amping up your natural lashes for a luscious eye. They also photograph beautifully! We always recommend doing a little research with some visual guides if you can–we have a great gallery and instagram full of examples.

‘How far in advance do you have to book?’

We always recommend trying to book at least a few months in advance. If you haven’t had lashes before, it can be a very transformative experience–lashes can change your whole face! We’d always recommend to do a wedding trial at least a month before your booking, and come in for infills up to a few days before your big day. This way, you can make sure that the lash set is perfect for you and your needs. Watch out, you may become hooked–we have plenty of bridal clients who loved their lashes so much, they’ve been coming back for years!

‘I’d love to bring my bridesmaids in for some lash pampering. Do you offer group bookings?’

If you’re looking to bring in a group, we definitely need advance notice–as we tend to book appointments back to back, it takes a little bit of manoeuvring to arrange double or triple appointments. It’s always best to have a little basic information about your bridesmaids and their lash experience when you do ring up, so get together with your ladies beforehand and do a bit of research!

‘I’ll be doing a lot of swimming on my honeymoon, will they fall off?’

Extensions are bonded to the natural lash with a very strong glue, which needs 24 moisture-free hours to cure completely–after that period, you are free to swim all you like! Extended exposure to chlorinated or salty water tends to break down the bond a little faster than normal, so our best tip for frequent swimmers is to splash fresh water on your face after a dip. Even better, take LashGame’s lash cleanser  with you, so you can keep your extensions fresh–proper aftercare does wonders for retention!