The first time I mentioned getting eyelash extensions, my mother was surprised.

‘Haven’t you seen what those things do to your eyes?’ she demanded, a sentence I’m sure many of you have heard!

We’ve all come across horror stories or seen photos floating on the web of lash disasters, which is a major reason many clients feel super nervous about their first time with extensions. If you’re interested in lashes, don’t let this discourage you! They will change your life. An important thing to remember is that the lash industry has moved on from shiny synthetic lashes of yesteryear.

Many of our technicians at Lady Lash have seen amazing innovation in the last decade,  with light silk, delicate faux mink and super fluffy volume lashes able to turn any eye into a spectacular work of art. There is absolutely no reason that eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes unless they’re applied incorrectly (so there, Mum!). It’s important to do some research before you book for lashes, and the results will speak for themselves.

Always check out the salon you want to book at, since your lash lady will become one of the most important beauty relationships you have! Many lash disasters can occur because of untrained therapists, who do not focus on proper techniques or using the right products. You wouldn’t want just anyone cutting your hair or waxing your brows, would you? Lashes are exactly the same!

If you’re in doubt about your salon, it’s a great idea to ask for examples of their work or speak to a receptionist in person–this will help you get a sense of the salon’s particular style, as well as making sure that the lashes they apply are safe and stunning. At a reputable salon, the technicians have often been lashing for years and have the results to prove it–check out our gallery as an example. Instagram can be your best friend here, as most salons have their own account to showcase their lash sets INSTAGRAM

Another great marker for a reputable salon will be the price. Lash extensions, when done right, will never be less than $100 and may cost quite a bit more–but you always get what you pay for. If you do walk past a salon offering a menu full of cut-price extensions, beware! This may mean that a different glue or cheaper plastic lashes are being used, which clump and damage your natural lashes. Of course, salons may offer last-minute specials or seasonal prices, but keep an eye out for unrealistic promises (e.g. volume sets for $70 or lash extensions lasting for 8 weeks,  both one way tickets to lash disaster!).

If you’ve done your research and something does go wrong, no need to panic! What is done can always be removed or improved by an experienced lash technician. If your lashes are the incorrect style or thickness, just let the salon know and they can make a recommendation–perhaps you need a larger set, a different technique or simply to strengthen your natural lashes with serum. Reputable salons will be more than happy to chat with you about your lashes at any time, with knowledgeable receptionists and technicians always ready to assist! If you truly dislike or feel uncomfortable with the lashes, it’s best to give a salon a call to get the extensions removed–most salons do offer removal services, usually booked for around half an hour.  Red, itchy and swollen eyes are symptoms of an allergy to lash extensions, which will only worsen with repeated exposure to lash glue. On the rare occasion that an allergic reaction does occur, consulting a pharmacist or doctor is always the best option–your safety should always be first priority! If you are allergic to lashes, it is best to wait a few days to remove them to avoid irritating your poor eyes–but don’t despair, there are certainly options for you lash addicts LASH LIFT

A well applied lash set by a proper lash artist can transform your entire face, giving you new confidence every day. A few hours with your lash lady should be a relaxing, painless and empowering experience, which many of our clients look forward to for weeks. And chances are, after they see your lashes, Mum will want a set too!