Are you thinking of having eyelash extensions, but unsure which eyelash extension style will suit you? There are lots of different eyelash extension styles of lashes out there, which suit different people depending on the shape of your eye and personal preference. At Lady Lash we want to get the best result possible for your eyes, which is why styling is so important to us! So below is a brief explanation of some of the most popular styles of eyelash extension, and how we create them – as well as which celebrities we think are fans of the style!

One important thing to note – you’re always very welcome to bring in photos to show us, in terms of the look that you’re after – but please remember that to some degree, we need to work with what you’ve got in terms of natural lashes – and that we want to ensure that we keep your lashes healthy in the process!


We have 5 eyelash extension styles

Doll Eye

eyelash extension style

eyelash extension style







How they’re applied: Doll-eyed style focuses longer lashes towards the middle of your eye and is fantastic to open up your eyes and make them appear bigger.

When to wear: This is a versatile style that is effective for most eye types, especially if you have wide-set or down-turned eyes and want to open them up and make them pop!

When not to wear: If your eyes are very round or protrude, this isn’t as flattering as other styles can be as it can give a surprised, overly round eyed look.

Celebrities with this eyelash extension style: Jessica Alba and Megan Fox use this look to create bigger, brighter eyes!

Cat Eye:

eyelash extension style

How they’re applied: A feline style uses the longest lashes towards the outside edge of the eyes to give the eyes a longer, exotic look.

When to wear: This works really well on people with strong outer lashes and naturally rounder, or close-set eyes to create an almond shape and a longer appearing eye, and making the eyes appear more widely set.

When not to wear: If your eyes naturally turn downwards or are quite wide set, this may not be the best way to go. If your eye is a little downturned, the longer ends will exaggerate this, so we would apply the longer ones a little closer to the midpoint of the eye to give a ‘lift’

Celebrities with this eyelash extension style: Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift regularly use a cat-eye to create an exotic look.