My eyelash extension experience made me throw away my mascara.

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time can be a very intriguing experience. You have so many questions going into the appointment that you don’t know if they can all be answered; how long should I go, how much volume should I ask for, what shape would suit me!? I know, because I had never had eyelash extensions in my life before coming to Lady Lash.

I arrived for my appointment and was greeted by my technician Lara. After filling out a quick client form we walked into her room and we went over the types of materials I could choose from; either silk or faux mink. The silk, she explained, was a more voluminous and thick looking lash with a gloss finish. Whereas, the faux mink was a more lightweight, feathery looking lash with a matte finish. After choosing the silk we talked about shape. I liked the idea of a cat eye, but asked Lara to do what she thought would best suit my eye and face shape. Lara then picked the thickness and curl type that would suit my eyes, also taking into account that I wear glasses 24/7. She chose a shorter length and a more dramatic curl so that the lashes wouldn’t hit my lenses every time I blinked.

Once all the logistics had been worked out Lara invited me to lay down on the bed. I closed my eyes, and for the next hour I almost forgot where I was. With pillows under my head and legs, and Lara’s gentle touch, I tried my best not to fall asleep. Before going into the appointment I was afraid that applying the lashes would hurt, but I could not feel a thing. It was only the shadows moving across my closed eyelids that assured me I was actually getting lashes put on.

After what felt like no time at all the lights seemed to dim and I was being asked to sit up. Looking in the mirror I was amazed to see how dramatically different I looked. My lashes were no longer blonde and short, but dark, voluminous and alluring. My whole face seemed to change, and I knew in that moment I had become addicted to lash extensions. My new found love screamed for me to throw out every mascara I owned, because with these perfect lashes, I would never need them again.